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Round plexiglass parts Parts for the electronic industry and automobile exclusive terms   Digitaliseerimiskeskuse     50704 Tartu                      Estland     The company Digitalieeriniskeskuse from Estonia produces following products with one of our High-Z S-720: Production of a bottle... Read more
DIY vacuum table Here you find some exciting ideas for fixing options and CNC-operations in general.  All ideas were developed by creative customers.   hard foam milled with High-Z S-720 Production of a vacuum plate Reasonably prized vacuumplate / vacuumtable made of Jackodur   The exosceleton made of Aluminium angles. The sheet... Read more
CFK, carbon fiber milling CNC milling / routing of CFK, Carbon fiber, carbon   Mr. Brand produces in carbon fiber, carbon and PVC with one of High-Z S-720 Milling in carbon plate / sheet material Working on carbon- plate material for decoration and model making.   Large- scale production of a CFK part with a High-Z S-1000 on self... Read more
Plastic Gears Mechanical components   Mr. Salzgeber from Austria produces architecture models as well as small mechanical parts in PVC. Production of the smallest gears Professional application in the field of miniature gearwheels and toothed racks etc.   Here you can see a production of a miniature toothed rack drive with... Read more
Engraving in wood and plexi glass CNC Milling and engraving in wood and acrylic glass / Plexi glass Mr. Begener produces shields in acrylic glass and light arches with one of our High-Z S-720 CNC Milling and cnc engraving in wood and acrylic glass with cnc engraver High-Z Milling works and engraves in wood and acrylic glass. Light... Read more
Litophane Images 3D milling of backlit pictures ( Lithophany )   Hello Mr. Hylewicz   I’m very satisfied with the High-Z S-1000. I use the machine for private aims to produce lithophanies, pictures in acrylic glass and metal blanks (electronic). Additionally I produce engrave templates for manual steered engraving machines. In my opinion the machine... Read more
School education Educational handling with CNC machines   BBRZ e. V.   Güstener Straße 4D-06449 Aschersleben       Mr. Martyniak from BBRZ is responsible for learning his students how to deal with CNC machines. Here for he uses a High-Z milling machine. Training with the High-Z A school application in BBRZ in Aschersleben.... Read more
2D CNC Milling in plexiglas / plexi glass 2D Processing on acrylic glass   This page tells you everything about Mr. Becker’s CNS milling machine S1000!   Mr. S.B. processes almost exclusively Plexiglas and produces bulk productions of professional in-store displays equipped with LED lights. CNC milling on plexi glass, acrylic glass / Customer... Read more
ALU machine parts Milling of machines’ parts in aluminium   Mr. Theisig mills aluminium parts for little machines Milling in solid aluminum Milling works in solid aluminium for producing of machine building elements.   Production of a “rotary part with top piece“ in a 12mm thick aluminium plate.   In order to achieve better and neater... Read more
Electrical Industry parts Parts for electronic industry / control cabinets, front plates   Werner Hansen GmbH 42329 Wuppertal- Vohwinkel       Werner Hansen GmbH produces following products with one of our High-Z S-720: Manufacturing of control panels for the electrical industry Professional applications in the field of front plates... Read more
Picture frames and reliefs 3D milling of picture frames and reliefs after 3D scanning with our 3D touch scanner, fixed on our cnc router High-Z !   Mr. Walter mills picture frames and reliefes for frames with his High-Z S-1000 cnc milling machine. He gets the needed data with our Touch Probe 3D Scanner. 3D Scanning and milling on cnc... Read more
Architectural models Architectural model making / Houses, Churches etc.   Mr. Salzgeber from Austria produces architecture models as well as small mechanical parts in PVC. Production of the smallest architectural components, models with the CNC Router High-Z Profi- application for architecture model making. A lot is... Read more

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TÜV certified CNC milling and engraving machines

bild tuev rheinland gepruefte cnc fraese wasserz


CNC- Router, Engraver and milling machines with German TÜV Certification ! Since 2005 has always officially tested by EMC test in Dortmund.


Now the High-Z CNC gantry system has been positive, even by the German TÜV-tested EMC !

RaptorX-SL: The new XXL steel frame CNC Router Machine

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30 global distributor